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The Social Cognition Meetup

SCM dates back to the 2020 SPSP Annual Convention in San Francisco, where a small group of early-career researchers from various stages along the academic track got together to talk about their shared interest in social cognition. What a great day!

Since then, the group has generally met virtually to host a globally diverse and growing mix of ECRs to talk shop: give talks and garner feedback, invite outside speakers to share their research, and discuss the latest innovations and trends in the field. 

SCM prides itself on welcoming a diversity of perspectives, so please join us and add yours! If you'd like to join the list of senior academics we host for talks and discussions, don't hesitate to reach out. Whatever your reason for doing so, connect with SCM by emailing me or Basti Weitz

Also, please know that our meetups are quite casual. Whether you're thinking of giving a talk or just coming to listen and meet new people, please don't stress about the level of formality. We like to think of ourselves as just an inviting group of nerds who get together to talk about social cognition :)

Some of our recent events...

February 2024

Thanks to the support of Jin Goh and Kate Ratliff, SCM was able to host networking events during the Social Cognition Preconference at the 2024 SPSP Annual Convention. Not only did this give many early-career researchers a chance to network with the excellent roster of speakers that day, but it also gave SCM a chance to meet a whole bunch of other early-career researchers interested in joining the group. You might find that our numbers have grown quite a bit when you join us for our next meetup, at the end of March.

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